Face masks

Innovation for at home and the studio

FMN 0045
  • The unique peel-off alginate masks are revitalising and refreshing, contributing to the wellbeing of your skin.
  • Always fresh, dry product for a long shelf life, for self mixing.
  • A film is formed that makes skin feel tighter.
  • Enrichment with premium and care ingredients is possible.
  • The mask peels off the face in one piece easily, cleanly and with no residue.
  • Versions: Purifying, Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Anti-Acne, Whitening.
  • Dermatologically tested skin friendliness.

Face powder

Pleasant skin feel and perfect appearance


  • For a fresh, pure appearance and even, brilliant complexion.
  • Absorbs moisture and serum, naturally matts the skin.
  • Individual enrichment with enchanting scents and care ingredients is possible.
  • Glamour effect by means of glitter pigments possible.
  • Dermatologically tested skin friendliness.