Hair Powder Wax

Flexible and versatile hairstyles

PowderWax web

  • Experience the excellence of hair powder wax that turns into a creamy wax while distributing it gently into the palms of your hands.
  • Especially developed to create flexible and trendy hairstyles.
  • Provides the hair a soft and silky touch.
  • With nurturing 100% plant-derived berry wax.

Hair styling and volume powder

More fullness and perfect styling


  • Gives the hair more volume and fullness.
  • Perfect hold without sticking, even with low powder dosage.
  • Enrichment with premium oils and extracts for moisture and care of the hair structure possible.
  • Wonderful feeling of freshness through the addition of delightful, individual scents.
  • Dermatologically tested skin friendliness.

Hair refreshing powder

Fast refreshment for your hair


  • Ideal when you are out and about or on the go – when it has to be fast.
  • New freshness, volume & grip without getting your hair wet.
  • Absorbs sebum from the hair and scalp, reducing the oily sheen.
  • Dermatologically tested skin friendliness.